XPPen e LINE FRIENDS insieme per creare prodotti pensati per i più giovani.

Sep 18,2020 AM 10:00

XPPen and global character brand, LINE FRIENDS, have recently announced a strategic cooperation themed “We young,we love!” With this theme, we encourage young people to love, and pitch into their passion as well as their creative work. Together with LINE FRIENDS, XPPen are launching a series of stylish products renovated based on the Artist 12 Pro, the Deco 01 V2, and the Star G640, which will be sold in limited quantities worldwide.

Both parties have worked hard to produce unique and creative designs that cleverly integrate adorable images of BROWN, CONY, and SALLY. XPPen’s minimalistic products have been endowed with a cute and dynamic personality that appeals to younger customers. The limited-edition LINE FRIENDS series has recently been launched on the XPPen website.

Cooperation between brands is a new trend in the market that reflects the lifestyle of young people. LINE FRIENDS’ adorable characters are hugely popular amongst MZ generation throughout the world. By collaborating with LINE FRIENDS, XPPen aims to share the brand’s ethos with a new audience.

As a brand, XPPen will continue to design high-quality technology that appeals to young people, truly achieving the inheritance and upgrade of XPPen brand. Since its establishment, in 2005, XPPen has grown rapidly. The brand has continuously been at the forefront of the industry, in terms of both product development and marketing. In the future, XPPen will continue to create innovative designs, taking into consideration the needs and experiences of customers. In this way, the brand will continue to revitalize itself and meet the interests of young people.

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