Dear Xfans, we will start the maintenance of this section from April 17, 2022 in order to provide you with better community experience. A new community is expected to open in early future, and all user data of the original community will be transferred to the new community of XPPen. There will be rewards and privileges after the opening,please Stay tuned for an update from XPPen official media.

With a new community and new experience, XPPen will live up to expectations and enrich your artistic creation.We are looking forward to it.

For any inquiries or suggestions related to the community, feel free to contact the community operation officer:

Three Key Features of the Forum

Discussion & Communication

X-Fans will be able to post discussion topics, talk with other fans, or post about technical problems they encounter and seek help from other fans and customer service.


Sharing Experiences & Lessons

X-Fans are welcome to share their own creative process and insights or experiences, and to help other fans learn and enhance their own drawing, painting, and creative techniques.


Open Beta Test of Product Drivers

X-Fans will be able to download the latest beta drivers for our products and help our engineering team improve them. Provide your feedback and suggestions as we continue to develop and improve our driver software!

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